Guest Regulation

Guest Regulation

Guest Regulations

1.- Check in - Check out

CHECK IN - 15:00 Hrs, the room will be provided at the latest in this time in which your night must already be paid, otherwise your stay will not be respected.

CHECK OUT - 12:00 hours. the maximum tolerance allowed is 60 minutes. (If any guest stays longer, they will be charged from half rent to full rent).

2.- Identification

For your safety and that of all guests, the hotel will request without exception a copy of current official identification (INE, PASSPORT, LICENSE, VISA, etc.) at the time of registration and at the time of payment.

3.- Payments

The payment of the room will be in advance during the delivery of the same and the agreed rent will be settled, so every guest when registering must establish their form of payment either with some electronic or cash means.

4.- Safe deposit boxes

At reception for your valuables. The Hotel is not responsible for ITEMS OF VALUE left or forgotten inside your room and in public areas.

5.- Third Party Services

The hotel is not responsible for external services of third parties such as: laundry, dry cleaning, transportation, medical services, food, etc. In some cases, TV and internet services.

6.- Public Areas

For Safety and Peace of Mind The PUBLIC AREAS HOURS is from 8:00 a.m. at 10:00 p.m., outside these hours your stay in the public areas must be exclusively ambulatory, guests must go to their rooms without exception.

7.- Pool

The hours for pool use is 8:00 a.m. at 9:00 p.m. Ask for exclusive towels at reception, it is forbidden to lower the towels from the rooms. The use of the pool is under your responsibility, we do not have lifeguard services. All minors must be supervised by an adult.

8.- The Restaurant Hours

Monday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. at 10:00 p.m., and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. at 4:00 p.m. We have room service up to 1 hour before closing. After these hours you can request food delivery options at the reception. Delivery drivers are not allowed into the room area.

9.- Guarantee Deposit

The hotel will request OPEN VOUCHER with a credit card and / or a CASH DEPOSIT for the value of the rented room, for any damage or damage during your stay. Whenever you leave the hotel, please LEAVE YOUR ROOM KEYS IN THE RECEPTION. Remember that you are responsible for your room.

10.- Anomalies

When entering your room REPORT OR NOTIFY any anomaly or damage to reception, do not try to repair it yourself. AVOID EXTRAS CHARGES.

11.- Medical Care or Hospital

In case you need these services, the hotel can advise and support you with the list of the closest Doctors and Hospitals. If the disease is contagious due to external causes, it must be transferred on its own to a more suitable place.


12.- Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the Hotel facilities. Omitting this restriction will generate an extra charge.

13.- Alcoholic Beverages

It is forbidden to enter ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES from outside the hotel facilities. If you require a drink, request it at the Restaurant.

14.- Visits

External VISITS in the rooms are prohibited, as well as holding PARTIES or MEETINGS in public areas and corridors of the hotel. Since this affects the SAFETY AND TRANQUILITY OF THE GUESTS. If you need to do so, ask for the costs of the Event Rooms.

15.- Pets

The entry of ANIMALS or PETS of any kind is prohibited.

16.- Drugs or Enervants

It is forbidden to introduce and / or consume any type of DRUGS or ENERVANTS.

17.- Alter the Order

It is forbidden to ALTER THE ORDER, as well as to carry out acts that lack Morals, Good Customs or PEACE OF MIND.

18.- Misuse of Green Areas

It is forbidden to make improper use of the GREEN AREAS, as well as to THROW GARBAGE in the general areas of the hotel, if you need garbage bags, request them from anyone who works in the hotel.

19.- Weapons It is strictly forbidden to enter any type of FIREARMS or WHITE, EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS, as well as any other substance or product prohibited by law.

20.- Light Fire

It is strictly forbidden for guests to LIGHT FIRE (Candles, Candles, Incense, etc.) within the facilities, as well as to have substances that, due to their smell or easy decomposition, bother other guests.

21.- Remove Items from the Room “] It is strictly forbidden to REMOVE ITEMS, TOWELS AND BED LINEN outside the Room and the Hotel. They are inventoried, AVOID EXTRAS CHARGES.

Failure to comply with any article of this regulation will be grounds for termination of the hosting service contract.

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